June 27, 2017

A Primal SuperMeal for hiking

Boiled eggs, cheddar cheese and green onions

Bring some eggs with you when you go hiking. This is something that many hikers ignore and it would suit them well to include eggs in their diet. Eggs are a nutritious superfood.

Boil some eggs prior to your hike and bring them with you in a sealed container. This is quick and will provide you
a healthy dose of protein. Add some cheddar cheese made or organic, raw milk if possible, chop up some green onions
and sprinkle some sea salt and fresh ground black pepper or Japanese shichimi (spice mixture containing red chili pepper,
orange peel, sesame seed, hemp seed, ground ginger, seaweed etc). The cheddar cheese can last for a few days on the trail
without need for refrigeration.

A couple of eggs and some cheese will be a filling, nutritious meal. You get some good protein and fat and I have had
something similar many times and felt rejuvenated and ready to hike again (during lunch break or reaching the summit / destination
on a day trip).

You can top off this meal with a dessert of some organic dried blueberries and maybe a slice or 2 of dried mango. Yummy!!


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